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Book Review

April 24, 2008 · Print This Article

I am a sixty-year old woman, born and bred in Liverpool, England. Looking back on my youth, the Sixties were most certainly an unforgettable and magical era. I recall sneaking off to my clandestine lunchtime sessions at the Cavern Club where the not-yet-famous Beatles would gig almost daily. My three big brothers, John, Alan, and Frankie, were in the thick of that magical time and I used to follow them around like a puppy dog.

John was the first to depart Liverpool and head for London where all the action was. He went on to become the road manager for a then famous group known as Johnny Kidd and the Pirates.

Alan followed soon after where he met his American girlfriend whom he later married. I travelled from Liverpool to Surrey in London where they were living to meet their beautiful new baby boy, ”Dylan”. Shortly after, they left England for a new life in America. I was heartbroken. My two big brothers had gone from my life. Only Frankie remained in Liverpool where he met and married his childhood sweet heart, Lana…

But I digress — never a real Doors fan, I read every book that was ever written about them. The reason being was that the American girl my brother Alan had married in 1967 just happened to be Jim Morrison’s sister, Anna. After reading each and every book, I would call Alan and ask him, ”Is this true or fiction?” His reply would always be the same. ”Norma it is lies, all lies. Nobody outside the Morrison family ever knew the real Jim. One day when the time is right, I am going to write my own book and tell it like it really was, who the real Jim Morrison was”. Like a mantra he would repeat, ”One day when the time is right I will tell it like it really was.”

Well, lo and behold, he did it! Alan’s new book, “I REMEMBER”, is an amazing read and an absolute must for the millions of Morrison fans all over the globe. It is extra special to me because over a forty-year span, Alan had already told me all those crazy stories especially as those concerning Jim. My brother, Alan Graham, was then and still is a lunatic of Olympian standards. He is also a true humanitarian and works tirelessly devoting his time and energy to numerous charities.
In my opinion, it is like he brought the Lizard King back to life for a while. He told it like it really was. Well done, our kid! Your family in the great city of Liverpool, England beams with pride.

Norma Veronica Malins


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