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About Alan Graham (short version, it’s a long story…)

March 30, 2008 · Print This Article

Alan GrahamAs an auteur, Alan Graham is an accomplished writer, producer and director. The scope of Alan’s work ranges from the commercial to the experimental; he is equally at home developing media related to advertising, popular cultural, and the fine arts. His works include theatrical and musical productions and related documentary films, national public relations campaigns, avant-garde performance art, and most recently internet-based properties involving online media production and distribution.

Alan was married to Anne Morrison, sister of legendary rock singer Jim Morrison of The Doors, and is the leading proponent of Jim’s artistic and intellectual legacy, focusing primarily on the artistic and conceptual aspects of Morrison’s work as it relates to the fusion of popular culture and the fine arts, particularly in terms of the relationship between mass media, universal human issues, and collective psychology.

Alan’s new book, I Remember is being released on March 26, 2008. Doors fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating this publication, which provides insights and stories about Jim and the Morrison family which have never before been revealed.Alan has also developed a new project titled Ghost Radio which is a mystical, terrifying, funny, bizarre look at the myriad and strange characters and events surrounding the town of Sundog, New Mexico and the Ghost Radio Network which broadcasts from… No One Here Knows.

For more information and to order a copy of I Remember, click here


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