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A Walking Talking Miracle

April 7, 2008 · Print This Article

    “Over the last 26 months she’s learned a lot about life. She has suffered through surgeries, chemotherapies and radiation, but she doesn’t ignore the bright side: discovering who sticks with you when the dice relentlessly come up snake eyes.” Excerpt from an article in the Durando Herald.

Click here to read rest of the Durango Herald article by John Peel

Alan Graham’s response to the above article:

Dear John,

Your article was deeply moving and will be inspiring to many women all over the world.

My name is Al Graham and Teresa is staying with us in Coronado, California while she recooperates.
My book I Remember was just published and soon I will begin a promotional book tour around the country.

I will be using this venue to hold fundraisers for Teresa and The American Cancer Society and will soon be placing a donation button on our website at:

I am sending you a copy of my book with Teresa when she returns to Durango.

Once again, thank you kindly for a most beautifully written and compassionate article.

I remain at your service,

A.R. Graham

To help Teresa Ogle:
A benefit account in the name of Teresa Ogle has been set up at Alpine Bank. Checks should be made to Teresa Ogle and sent to:

Alpine Bank
1099 Main Ave.
Durango, CO 81301

For more information, call Alpine Bank at 375-7689.


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